KEX’s multifunctional hall

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Gym & Tonic is KEX's multifunctional hall. For meetings, conferences, concerts, theatre plays, private parties etc. Styled as a old school boxing gym you can also take a few swings at the punching bag Rocky Balboa style. No frills. No face masks. Just good ol' workout.

Equipped with a projector and a large screen Gym & Tonic also functions as a movie theatre/ tv-viewing room where you can watch live sports coverage or chill over Icelandic flix.

Gym & Tonic is ideal for gatherings of all sizes and other festivities. Contact us for group requests, menus and prices.

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Viðarsstofa (Woody's) is a smaller private dining and meeting room.

Equipped with a projector and a small PA this room is suitable for dining and formal meetings. 

Viðarsstofa is perfect for small groups and meetings, up to 14. Contact us for further information, prices and group menus.